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Regulations (ENGLISH)






I          Purposes of the Festiwal


  1. The popularization of Marian choral compositions inseparably connected with Christian traditions.
  2. The presentation of artistic possessions of choirs and vocal teams.
  3. The confrontation of achievements and the exchange of experiences among teams.
  4. Improving the execution level of choral teams and popularizing their artistic possessions.
  5. The promotion of the city of Częstochowa, cities and communes of Koziegłowy and of the Jurassic Region.


II      Of establishing the Festiwal


  1. The Festival has character of the competition.
  2. Amateur youth and adult teams can participate in the Festival from Poland and from foreign countries.
  3. Competition rivalry takes place in two categories:

A - youth choirs (all members of the choir must be below 19 years old)

B - adult choirs (all members of the choir must have finished 18 years)

Moreover a principle is in force, that the 15% of team members can be older or younger than above requirements.

  1. The Festival is meant for truly amateur teams. This principle isn't regarding conductors. Teams are preparing a variety programme for the evaluation of the Jury consists of
    4 songs from which at least 2 have to be sung a cappella. The competition programme for each team should consist of the following works:

song a)     sacred song composed to 1650

song b)     sacred song composed between 1650-1900

song c)   sacred song of the composer born in the 20th century (a Spirituals work or
                  a Gospel are acceptable)

song d)    sacred song about the Marian subject matter.

  1. The total time of the competition presentation cannot exceed 15 minutes.
  2. The performances of choirs will be judged by the Jury, compound of experienced musicians appointed by organisers. The Jury will be assessing the following elements:

? interpretation - style of the workmanship

? intonation - colour, harmony, vocal emission

? rhetoric - articulation verbal and musical

? musical expression - phrasing

? selection of the repertoire and drama of the program.

Decisions of the Jury are conclusive and aren't under the appeal.

  1. In each category the following awards are expected:

The FIRST  Place - statuette of the Golden Torch

The SECOND Place - statuette of the Silver Torch

The THIRD Place - statuette of the Brown Torch

GRAND PRIX AWARD - for the best choir of the Festival.

All teams receive the diploma of the participation in the Festival.

Organisers are also expecting special awards (e.g. for the best conductor) financial and material dependent on the possibility of financial and recruited sponsors.

  1. The Jury can not grant individual awards by artistic considerations.
  2. The jury has the right to other division of awards, introducing special awards in the agrement with organisers of the Festival.


III    Organization of the Festiwal


  1. The Festival will be held for days 4 - 5 October 2014.
  2. Teams which want to take part in the Festival, should send to 15 June 2014 to the address of organisers, filled up AN APPLICATION FORM FOR THE TEAM and the copy of notes of the competition programme (with the note "The Festival" on the envelope), and to make the accreditation payment of PLN 250 (60 Euro) on the account: Bank of Millennium 45 1160 2202 0000 0000 4178 4296 with the note "The Festival". One should attach to the notification in an electronic form:

? an information about the team (participation in competitions, awards),

? a photo of the team in good resolution,

? a recording of the team (at least 1 work, not older than 3 years),

? a copy of the registration fee.

  1. A decision about categorising the team to the Festival Artistic Advice is making to
    30 June 2014.
  2. In case of not categorising the team to the Festival, the registration fee will be returned. The registration fee won't be returned in case of the resignation of the team to participate in the Festival.
  3. Organisers of the Festival don't provide the reimbursement of travel costs.
  4. Organisers provide free dinners of charge for participants in the Festival on 4 and 5 October 2014
  5. Organisers during the Festival offer the partial payment suppers of the amount PLN 10
    (3 Euro) for one person, and compulsorily accommodation with the breakfast for teams, which are from towns distant from Częstochowa (over than 200 km.); which is partial payment of PLN 40 (15 Euro) for the person in hotels of good standards.
  6. Each team additionally prepares 30 minute's sacred concert programme (setting of the Mass and the short presentation after it) to do on 5 October 2014 in morning hours in appointed churches of the region, as a part of accompanying events during the Festival.
  7. Competition interviews will be held on Saturday 4 October 2014 between 12.00-16.00 p.m. The Concluding Concert will be held on Sunday 5 October 2014 between 16.00-18.00 p.m. at the Monastery on Jasna Góra.
  8. Organisers are ensuring the possibility of touring the places associated with the Marian worship.
  9. Organisers are reserving the right to make a film and sound registration of the teams being involved in the Festival to the purpose of their public popularization.
  10. Teams are responsible for the possible copyright of the note used during the Festival and resulting from this title.


* Address for correspondence: Stowarzyszenie Śpiewacze „POCHODNIA”, ul. Kościuszki 6,

42-200 Częstochowa

tel.: Art Director of the Festival  +48 605 366 649

mail: hankaluscyk@poczta.onet.pl



It is possible to send all documents and information about the choir
in an electronic form to the mail address

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